BTC back above 30,000 USD — what’s next?

2 min readJul 22, 2021
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Bitcoin price rises sharply in price and can make gains. The picture shows a price curve as well as stacked Bitcoins.

A small Bitcoin price recovery is taking place again. After the Bitcoin had fallen to below 30,000 USD, BTC can record gains again in the morning hours of today.

Thus, Bitcoin is now quoted at 30,800 USD and thus 3.3 percent above the value of 24 hours ago. Ethereum (ETH/ +6 percent), Cardano (ADA/ 6.39 percent), and Binance Coin (BNB/ 5.06 percent) are also back in the green. Although the market capitalization of the entire crypto market is still below the value of two days ago, at USD 1.26 trillion, the recovery is still positive.

In recent months, a price drop had often not been apparent and came suddenly. But just as quickly it went up again for the bitcoin. This time, the price declined much more slowly. Thus, over the course of the days, BTC first fell step by step to below 33,000 USD, before the drop to below 30,000 USD followed.

At the same time, this time it took a little over 24 hours for bitcoin to significantly rise again after the drop. The chart movement in the next few days could be of essential importance for the medium-term course.

Schiff sees resistance now at USD 30,000

In the recent past, the bottom in bitcoin had formed at USD 36,000 and then USD 35,000 and USD 33,000. Now Peter Schiff assumes that the resistance is at 30,000 USD. It is all the more important not to break through this level for a longer period of time, because then the next downward fall could follow.

Nevertheless, the Bitcoin price forecasts of most analysts continue to move in the range above the current all-time high of 64,800 USD, which was set on April 14, 2021. More and more companies want to invest in Bitcoin. However, regulations in particular often make the project more difficult.

Before it comes to the final upward trend, however, the Bitcoin price could still drop significantly. A few weeks ago, Robert Kiyosaki spoke of the “biggest crash of all time”. Moreover, this crash is expected to last for a long time. Scott Minerd also reiterated his bearish outlook. He even believes in a Bitcoin price crash to 10,000 to 15,000 USD.

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