Why all your worries are unnecessary — a short story!

2 min readJul 27, 2020
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You worry about things and events, have sleepless nights, and are in a bad mood, even though it turns out in retrospect that these things are not that bad?

Sometimes they even have a positive effect, and you think, “If I had known that before!”.

Of course, it also happens the other way around. With this short Zen story, I want to show you how difficult and pointless it is to evaluate the course of events continually.

The farmer and his horse

“A farmer had a horse, but one day it ran away, and the farmer and his son had to plow their fields themselves. The neighbors said, “What bad luck that your horse ran away!” But the farmer replied, “You’ll see.”

A week later, the horse came back to the farm and brought a whole herd of wild horses. “So much luck!” cried the neighbors, but the farmer said, “we’ll see.”

Shortly afterward, the farmer’s son tried to ride one of the wild horses — but he was thrown off and broke a leg. “Oh, that’s bad luck!” The neighbors were sorry, but the farmer said again, “We’ll see.”

A few days later, the sovereign called all the young men into his army to go into battle. But they left the farmer’s son at home because of his broken leg: “What luck that your son doesn’t have to go into battle!” the neighbors rejoiced. But the farmer just said, “We’ll see.”

(found at Andrew Matthews: Do what you like)

This brief history teaches us that it is often totally superfluous to evaluate events. We should simply trust life because if we simply accept what life offers us, we can, at the same time, let go more easily of what it denies us.


Stop judging everything in good and bad!
Make your life easier.

Keep this little story in mind when you next catch yourself reflexively judging an event.

Just say to yourself in your mind, “we’ll see,” because who knows what it’s good for in the end?

This attitude is right for at least one thing: Serenity.

P.S.: What are you worried about right now? Do you know what is suitable for?

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